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Episode 67

The AA Show 067

Anthony and Ron Bennington are back today chatting about "bomb cyclone," being a “sodomite,” Steve Bannon and Donald Trump, frozen Florida, Bitcoin mining, yesterday’s guest Owen Benjamin, transgender kids, and childhood cowboy Bennington. They discuss progress, traditions in America, capitalism, Colin Flaherty joins the guys and Ant reminisces about some... More

Episode 56

The AA Show 056

Anthony, Aaron, and Ian Fidance begin the show drilling Bobo’s mom, they talk about GoFundMe scams, Keaton Jones backlash, calling out apologies, bomb making fails, chain migration, and Christmas plans. Anthony talks about the joys of living alone, they discuss man caves, the Alabama senate election, “Mrs. Roy Moore,” a... More

Episode 36

Mornin'!!! w/ Bill Schulz 036

Bill begins this Mornin’ talking about last night’s 60 Minutes, Theo Caviness Skype’s in to talk about seasonal depression, the failed implosion of the Detroit Silverdome stadium, and the ever important 33rd anniversary of The Karate Kid. Josh McCarroll, Samantha Judge Terrio, and Paula Froelich join Bill to discuss Billy... More