Archived Shows
Episode 518

TACS 518 with Harrison Grennbaum, and Jared Freid

Jared Freid and Harrison Greenbaum join Anthony on today’s TACS talking about Nazi’s being everywhere, Donald “Hitler” Trump, “a day without immigrants,” the Shabbos, the Je-sas, learning about God, dating religious people, and Tinder’s facial recognition. They yap more about dating apps, dating and cellphone shenanigans, frat houses, drugs and... More

Episode 414

TACS 414 with Theo Von and Harrison Greenbaum

On today’s TACS, Ant begins talking about his newest part in Gavin’s movie, Kevin from Previti Pizza takes a seat to tell a cat story, Keith tells a boat story, and Theo Von and Harrison Greenbaum take a seat and go on to talk about disposing of dead animals, eating... More

Episode 315

TACS 315 with Harrison Greenbaum

Tuesday’s TACS kicks off with a recap of last night boring ass Grammy’s, Anthony gets into Kanye’s latest craziness, French assholes, the worst documentary ever “Charlie Victor Romeo,” and we hear from a few callers. Harrison Greenbaum joins the show to discuss the questions surrounding Scalia’s death, the newest news... More

Episode 250

TACS 250 with Harrison Greenbaum

Today Ant talks about filth and sickness associated with trains, the trailer from Robin Williams’s final movie “Boulevard” and Keanu Reeves new movie “Knock Knock,” he tells us about some recent visits from the ghost of girlfriends past, rants about crazies and not knowing girls, takes a look at “The... More