Archived Shows
Episode 5

"YOUR WELCOME" with Michael Malice 005

Michael beings the show today talking about three terrible things that happened on July 12th, being a guest on The Tom Woods Show, Anthony Cumia being suspended from Twitter, and he reminisces on the last year. He discusses his upcoming book, trolling Hamilton, the first acts of censorship, the importance... More

Episode 59

NYC Crime Report with Pat Dixon - 059

On tonight’s NYCCR Pat talks about a F train surfer and a Bronx dick tale, Gavin McInnes joins Pat to chat about a naughty Moroccan actor, burka’s, stupid languages, alleged rape victim Laura Prioul, and refugee problems. They also discuss Carmen Fariña, women turning down dick, a nine-year-old getting squeezed... More

Episode 26

In Hot Water 026

Geno begins today’s In Hot Water with a rant on the Hamilton cast, day after election pussies, and (the lack of) being grateful and respectful. Deandre Harambe Jenkins dances in to weigh in on the Hamilton/Mike Pence debacle, we see some pics of DHJ in the subway, they discuss titty... More

Episode 468

TACS 468 with Mike Brown, and Paul Mecurio

Anthony begins the show talking about his weekend in Buffalo seeing Nick DiPaolo and do some gambling, he is joined by Mike Brown and goes on to chat about our new president-elect’s lack of merch, Compound Media’s election night coverage, the media’s coverage of election night, and the fiasco with... More

Episode 377

TACS 377 with Ron Bennington, Matt Iseman, and Jim Gaffigan

TACS begins with a bit of waxing on the Orlando shooting over the weekend, the great Ron Bennington takes a seat to chat about the presidential candidates, weaponry, plays and musicals, and Matt Iseman joins the party to yap about the Hallmark Channel, properly promoting, knowing your place on TV,... More

Episode 364

TACS 364 with Artie Lange

TACS begins with a little shit talking on Garrett’s drawing of today’s guest Artie Lange, Ant reads an article regarding Larry David and the play Hamilton, we hear Dustin Diamond’s take on jail, Ant reminisces on women’s dressing rooms (?!?!), talks about a crazy bitch in Target bitching about dressing... More