Archived Shows
Episode 92

East Side Dave Show 092

Dave begins tonight’s ESDS yelling at Roy about drugs, he also talks about Charles Manson, golfing fans, Russell Crowe, Alec Baldwin, the least popular character in the galaxy, and Neil Young’s model trains. We find out that Dave is a guardian angel for hot women on Instagram, learn what offends... More

Episode 52

In Hot Water 052

On today’s special one year anniversary episode of IHW, Hillary Clinton is on hand sending out her congratulations and plenty of hot air, Geno gives a rant on offensive history being made over the weekend curtesy of Japan, and Tiger Woods/DHJ stops by to explain what happen during his “DUI,”... More

Episode 62

East Side Dave Show 062

The ESDS is back with a monologue that includes Trump’s thoughts on the Civil War, Joe DiMaggio and Marilyn Monroe's marriage certificate being auctioned off, Kelly Ripa announcing her new co-host, Jesus freak Kirk Cameron’s thoughts on married women, and baseball player Adam Jones being taunted because of his skin.... More

Episode 92

TACS 092

Ant tells us about the feedback he saw on Reddit regarding his appearance on Adam Carolla, he sets the records straight about an Opie and Corolla feud, and Ant defends his Billy Joel tweet from last night. We learn that “Morality in Media” thinks the movie “Fifty Shades of Grey”... More

Episode 80

TACS 080 with Robert Kelly

Ant starts the show with a little story about his nana, he talks about the latest on the movie “The Interview,” we see the leaked ending of the movie, find out that Ant knows a hell of a lot about Taylor Swift, and we take a look at Britney Spears... More