Archived Shows
Episode 100

Mornin'!!! 100

Today on Mornin’!!!, Bill and Jo are joined by Alli Breen and Josh Carter talking about Sri Lanka’s Got Talent, Port Authority powder, Jenna Fisher’s towel, Cameron Diaz’s pubes, the “freshman 15,” college drinking, extramarital sex, and Jenga skills.

Episode 71

East Side Dave Show 071

Back from vacation, tonight’s monologue from Dave includes news on a Jersey Shore reunion, a Ryan Seacrest surprise, Kermit being replaced, an entitled ass tennis star, a Carrie Fisher auction, and a J.K. Rowling party. Pat Dixon takes over the keyboard and after a song, we check out a “boyfriend... More

Episode 442

TACS 442 with Nick DiPaolo

Anthony begins the week talking about last night’s “bullying and pussy grabbing” debate, Bill Clinton’s OMG face, Nick Di Paolo joins the discussion regarding last night’s debate, grabbing pussy and “feminism,” and action versus words. They talk about Hillary’s pussy eating, people’s fear of admitting who they’re voting for, the... More

Episode 181

TACS 181 - Munchausen by Cumia

Today’s show starts by chatting about Rich Vos on Legion of Skanks last night, we get the lowdown on Donald Trump’s hair, watch a clip of Trump talking about his presidential plans, and Ant tells us what he thinks of Trump’s ideas. We watch a douche chilling video of robot... More

Episode 144

TACS 144 with Sig Hansen and Jake Anderson

Monday begins finding out that SiriusXM wants Ant back, we briefly hear about his gig with Brother Joe in Patchogue, and get a few movie recommendations from Anthony’s weekend watching. Captain Sig and Jake from the Northwestern on Deadliest Catch join TACS via Skype to talk about their crabbing season,... More