Archived Shows
Episode 506

TACS 506

Wrapping up TACS week solo, Anthony talks about his drive in to the city, Brother Joe getting kicked off Facebook (again), the wildness of President Trump coming out of Air Force One and getting into “The Beast,” the ease of ordering through Seamless, the trade war with Mexico, and (lack... More

Episode 482

TACS 482

Ending out TACS week, Anthony recaps last night’s Comedy 101 show, gives us a weather update, we watch a few #TBT clip from O&A, he talks about the upcoming electoral voting, we see a video “message” for electors, and hear Michael Moore’s newest thoughts on Donald Trump. Ant goes on... More

Episode 440

TACS 440 with Bill Schulz

TACS wraps up the week with a weather update of sorts on Hurricane Matthew, Bill Schulz takes a seat to go on with Anthony about weather reporters, they chat about new baseball and throwback baseball, dealing with sickness and hanging ball sacks (?!?!), and “Perfect Smile Veneers.” After some more... More

Episode 237

TACS 237 with Rev. Bob Levy

Today’s TACS starts with Ant talking about “sexy” Halloween costumes, he goes through some controversial costumes, recalls past costumes, once again denies wearing mommy’s shoes, and talks about inappropriate jokes made by his parents. We learn about Chaturbate, Ant marvels over jacking materials these days, Reverend Bob Levy joins the... More

Episode 189

TACS 189 with Rich Vos, Eli Roth and Matt Iseman

A brand new month of TACS starts with a “Happy Canada Day” shout out, backstory on the holiday, and Matt Iseman Skypes in to talk about Home and Family, the Golden Girls, American Ninja Warrior, and as always, fanboys out to perfection. Anthony gets into some of his late night... More

Episode 110

TACS 110 - 50 Shades of Vermont Teddy Bear

Wrapping up TACS week, pajama pants Ant admits he isn’t the best with conflict but wants to end the “back and forth” with Opie and vows to hash things out with him, he talks about missing Patrice’s benefit show last night, conveys his love for Bill Burr, and addresses Reddit... More