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Episode 99

East Side Dave Show 099

On tonight's ESDS, Dave gives us his gratuitous talk show monologue, breaks into song, and we hear Big A's Congratulations to Philadelphia. Then the incomparable Billy Mitchell calls in to defend the cheating accusations against him in Donkey Kong , and Richie Knucklez calls in to back-up Billy.

Episode 95

East Side Dave Show 095

East Side Dave gives us his monologue before breaking into AC/DC. We hear about Roy's fight with Big A about pictures, Big A then green-lights Dave's sketch ideas, and Dave is a guardian angel for hot women of Instagram. UnaBoBo isn't offended, Dave gives out the annual Davey's, and Flutesy... More

Episode 92

East Side Dave Show 092

Dave begins tonight’s ESDS yelling at Roy about drugs, he also talks about Charles Manson, golfing fans, Russell Crowe, Alec Baldwin, the least popular character in the galaxy, and Neil Young’s model trains. We find out that Dave is a guardian angel for hot women on Instagram, learn what offends... More