Archived Shows
Episode 12

Burning Bridges 012

On today’s Burning Bridges, cool guy Kevin is joined by PJ Landers, Dave Heenan, and Steve Marshall chatting about Kevin’s scuffle with his neighbor, the commute to Kevin’s kid’s school, black privilege, and suit wearing blacks and whites. Kevin talks about marriage issues, they discuss Larry David’s stand-up comedy back... More

Episode 267

TACS 267 with Dave Attell

Tuesday begins hearing about Ant’s morning in Time Square, Charlie Sheen’s HIV status and the timeline of his diagnosis, and Dave Attell takes a seat at the desk to gripe about the studio, discuss holiday plans, traveling, and to talk more shit on the studio. The guys get into old... More

Episode 125

TACS 125 with Ron Bennington, Lionel and Matt Iseman

Wednesday’s TACS starts with a recap of last night’s broadcast with Legion of Skanks, learning that a former fraternity member at University of Oklahoma has issued an apology, and Lionel joins the show via Skype to discuss his days in Sigma Alpha Epsilon, the “racist rant,” thought policing, people who... More