Archived Shows
Episode 178

TACS 178 with Ann Coulter and Johnny Brennan

We begin today hearing about last night’s Legion of Skanks and Luis J. Gomez’s new show idea, Ant sings the praises of Sam Roberts, sends his condolences on the death of Dusty Rhodes and Christopher Lee, and talks about ex-Hefner girlfriend Holly Madison’s new book. Anthony shares a Hugh Hefner... More

Episode 74

TACS 074 with Jackie Martling

Tuesday begins with Ant telling us about the podcast he (sort of) did last night at Comedy Cellar, he talks about the traffic mayhem because of Eric Garner protests, and goes through a few other cities that are holding protests as well. He then discusses the #ICantBreathe hashtag, the C.I.A... More

Episode 53

TACS 053 - Amanda Bynes At The Compound

Tuesday kicks off with Ant waxing on the fun he had while on Bobby Kelly’s podcast the night before, the comics he hung with afterwards at the Comedy Cellar, and he talks about the two types of gals there are in Tokyo. He covers the elections, goes through a list... More