Archived Shows
Episode 549

TACS 549 with Luis J. Gomez

Anthony begins the day talking about Trump’s upcoming meeting with NATO, his obsession with WWI docs, “black parts” of documentaries, crazy ass Woodrow Wilson, and Luis J. Gomez comes in to talk about doing the last Red Eye with Ant, and Luis and Bobby Kelly beefing. Ant reminisces on a... More

Episode 505

TACS 505 with Chris Hansen

On today’s TACS a dolled-up Anthony begins the day discussing the Dow Jones being at a record high, Trump building a wall and fixing Chicago, Shia LaBeouf’s four-year plan, and Chris Hansen “takes a seat” and talks with Ant about opiate drug issues, and Trump’s credibility with the media. They... More

Episode 342

TACS 342 with Bobby Kelly and Jim Norton

TACS begins an Ant-less month with host Robert Kelly singing the praises of Anthony, special guest Jim Norton joins Baw-bee to shit talk on disgustingly “sexy” pics of Jimmy, they chat about getting together with the guys, Keith Robinson’s road to recovery, weight loss, single life versus married life, old... More

Episode 287

TACS 287 with Bobby Kelly

On today’s TACS a new grilled Anthony stresses the importance of brushing, we check in on the latest “black lives matter” rally, and Ant opens up as much as he can about the ups and downs of his life at this moment. He then gives a semi-review of the movies... More

Episode 253

TACS 253 with Robert Kelly

Monday starts off with a case of the Monday’s and Ant talking about doing Greg Gutfeld’s new show, hot chicks on Fox News, his new iPhone, Bitcoin issues, and the “Mexican hurricane.” He discusses Amy and Chuck Schumer being related and their views, curtailing violence, the latest police shooting the... More

Episode 184

TACS 184 - As Seen on SiriusXM

The President and CEO of TACS unveils the new show app and explains its features, Ant talks about his evening with Gavin McInnes, bitches about how much better Gavin’s set looks, we see a Stephen Colbert promo and a pic of him taking part in a Charleston march, and get... More