Archived Shows
Episode 14

Safe Space 014

Today in the Safe Space, Black Kojak is talking about Chris Cuomo’s thoughts on fake news, “realizing you’re black,” Valentine’s Day, a woman/camel who left her husband because of Trump, the left’s “tolerance,” Joy Villa’s dress and words, and the NAACP Image Awards. Dr. Walter Williams calls in to talk... More

Episode 397

TACS 397

TACS is back with Anthony discussing the WikiLeaks emails from the DNC, Hillary’s running mate Tim Kaine, Debbie Wasserman Schultz getting canned from the democratic convention, the band Enuff Z'Nuff (?!?!), Wasserman Schultz’s getting “cheers,” Bernie Sanders speaking at the democratic convention, and Alex Jones at the RNC. After a... More

Episode 39

NYC Crime Report with Pat Dixon - 039

Tonight’s NYCCR begins by seeing Eric Garner’s dumbass daughter Erica in action, we hear from Bill Burr, Irene Bremis, Kevin Downey Jr., and Joe Lozito sit panel to discuss Erica’s town hall outburst, “shut down city hall NYC,” we check out NY paper covers, and hear about a subway hit... More

Episode 389

TACS 389 with Taleeb Starkes

TACS is back (and better than ever) with Anthony telling us about his vacation and his first batterers class, Taleeb Starkes takes a seat to further discuss Ant’s punishment, DeRay Mckesson “staying woke,” robot Hilary Clinton, sensationalizing shooting deaths, bomb-robot, and gangsters being bad shooters. They get into a news... More

Episode 30

NYC Crime Report with Pat Dixon - 030

NYCCR is back with news on a Pitbull attack and a fuck you stabbing, Mike Gaffney and Mandy Stadtmiller join the panel to talk about everything surrounding a crazy hooker gal brawl, Donald Trump gets his two cents in about humility, and the gang get into feds and rats, “Black... More