Archived Shows
Episode 59

Mornin'!!! w/ Bill Schulz 059

Mornin’!!! is back with Derek Waters, Bronston Jones, and Geno Bisconte joining Bill to chat about the government shutdown, Tide Pod eating, the cinnamon challenge, Bill Maher interviewing Michael Wolff, and Stormy Daniels alleged affair with Donald Trump. We learn about Geno’s secret life, they discuss methods of quitting smoking,... More

Episode 587

TACS 587 with Jim Norton, Sam Roberts, and Travis Tefft

On today’s TACS Anthony is joined by Jim Norton, Sam Roberts, and Travis Tefft yapping it up about Jim’s characters, a restaurant pussy popper, responses to the Chip Chipperson’s podacast, black tranny’s, “Trampa,” and preparing people for Chip’s podacast. They discuss live broadcasts, Ant’s firing, Jim’s European tour, the saddest... More

Episode 29

Safe Space 029

Our H.N.I.C. is back in his safe space talking about books, “phobes,” democratic socialism, labels being used to discount truth, and the terrorist attack in the UK, Sara Al Iraqiya also Skypes in to talk about her writings, being a voice in her own community, having an American identity, and... More

Episode 521

TACS 521 with Dave Smith

Dave Smith joins Anthony today to talk about last night’s Patrice O’Neal benefit, Rich Vos’s dumb hat, Leslie Jones screaming, KtC’s networking, Pete Davidson’s big brush off, Ant’s Star Wars convo with Joe DeRosa, and mending burned bridges. Dave mentions talking with Richard Spencer earlier, they chat about old O&A... More

Episode 169

The Gavin McInnes Show 169

Today on TGMS, Gavin checks out some democratic sit-in memes, berates women that don't want to have kids, and watches some gender non-conforming poets. He then dissects a feminist video about bikini bodies, and a commercial praising fat women. Happy Endings with Mercedes Carrera ends the show.