Archived Shows
Episode 8

Mornin'!!! w/ Bill Schulz 008

Wrapping up the week, Bill is bitching again but this time about his YouTube presence, he talks about his upcoming trip to Vegas, shits on his looks, and we meet “Puppeto the press junket puppet.” Tracy Westmoreland, Patrick Carone, Chris Wilson, and Jill Dobson join the show and they talk... More

Episode 479

TACS 479 with Bill Schulz

TACS is back with a dolled-up Anthony yapping about annoying kids, The Walking Dead, rewatching the movie Private Parts, and Bill Schulz takes a seat to talk about Kennedy’s show, Hillary and the Russians, the CIA, and Mike Baker. The guys go on to chat about Putin and Trump, the... More

Episode 445

TACS 445 with Des Bishop

Ending the week with some more rasp, Anthony talks about the latest on Donald Trump, the agenda pushing media, uneducated reporting on the candidates, Sarah Silverman in “Way of the Gun,” and the ridiculousness of bringing things up years later. Des Bishop joins the show and after the guys are... More

Episode 442

TACS 442 with Nick DiPaolo

Anthony begins the week talking about last night’s “bullying and pussy grabbing” debate, Bill Clinton’s OMG face, Nick Di Paolo joins the discussion regarding last night’s debate, grabbing pussy and “feminism,” and action versus words. They talk about Hillary’s pussy eating, people’s fear of admitting who they’re voting for, the... More

Episode 426

TACS 426 with Artie Lange and Maryjean

Ant begins the day yapping on political tactics, Bill Clinton on his wifey, Colin Powell’s e-mails, we hear an O&A clip being used by Hillary, and eagerly await Hillary’s reappearance. Ant comments on Ellen’s appearance, a crazy episode of Dr. Phil, reminisces on “sad” episodes of Maury Povich, and Artie... More

Episode 408

TACS 408 with Mitch Fatel and Jim Norton

TACS ends the week with Anthony and Mitch Fatel discussing cheating, burying the body, living in the moment, sex insecurities, swinging, “getting that knee,” co-hosting, and drugs. Jim Norton takes a seat and updates us on his new place, the guys go on to discuss cucks, squirting, threesomes, role playing,... More