Archived Shows
Episode 44

East Side Dave Show 044

Tonight Dave’s monologue covers Instagram celebrities, related celebrities, Trump meeting with Al Gore, Westworld, the ESDS Star Wars being snubbed by the Golden Globes, and hashtags you can use to fight back against the GG. After a quick ditty, Dave gets creepy with Guitarsey, talks about getting busted watching porn,... More

Episode 28

East Side Dave Show 028

Tonight Dave’s monologue includes news on A-Rod, the Olympics, Amy Schumer, Tim Tebow, Donald Trump, and R. Kelly. Roy and Dave sing a crazy fast awesome song and they go on to talk about Dave’s texts with Flutesy, we get to know the audience, Dave explains chocolate milk, bitches about... More

Episode 22

East Side Dave Show 022

It’s a summer solstice celebration tonight with Dave discussing his anniversary, the NBA Finals, Anton Yelchin, Paris Jackson, a Golden Girl’s themed restaurant, and aidsy Charlie Sheen. Roy and Dave sing an adorable song, Dave talks about his shrink, trying to do other shows, Earl Douglas makes the Shizer List,... More

Episode 350

TACS 350 with Ari Shaffir and Big Jay Oakerson

TACS week kicks off (late) with Ari Shaffir and Big Jay Oakerson discussing bulimia, Ari’s jeweyness, a potential bar mitzvah for Jay, Jews in Jay’s family, and half-assing Judaism. They get into dick size, the possibility of getting butt fucked, prison rape, inconsistencies in prisons, repping your hood, we hear... More

Episode 346

TACS 346 with Colin Quinn and Bobo

It’s TACS we’ve all been waiting for with Colin Quinn and Bobo picking apart a Hillary Clinton/SNL/subway clip, discussing John Rocker’s comments, Jim Norton’s fancy pants apartment, “CP time,” the presidential candidates, neighborhood changes, CQ’s pull, and Jerry Seinfeld. The guys yap about the Mets, Caitlyn Jenner’s big O, name... More