Archived Shows
Episode 476

TACS 476 with Ron Bennington

Anthony begins TACS talking about his new HTC Vive, Ron Bennington takes a seat and he and Ant chat about his next court date, buying coke on the streets, “the pistachio girl,” postmortem feelings about the election, and laughter being the best medicine. (Of sorts.) They discuss medication commercials, burning... More

Episode 377

TACS 377 with Ron Bennington, Matt Iseman, and Jim Gaffigan

TACS begins with a bit of waxing on the Orlando shooting over the weekend, the great Ron Bennington takes a seat to chat about the presidential candidates, weaponry, plays and musicals, and Matt Iseman joins the party to yap about the Hallmark Channel, properly promoting, knowing your place on TV,... More

Episode 352

TACS 352 with Lilly Hisenaj, Ron Bennington, and Sam Roberts

The big (non) pot smoking show is here with Lilly Hisenaj along with special guests Ron Bennington and Sam Roberts chatting about The Wire, Lilly’s family and radio history, Sam’s many ventures, and medical marijuana. The group goes on to talk about Lilly’s first penetration, Black Earl, friend-zoning, choke-slamming, Garrett... More