Archived Shows
Episode 481

TACS 481 with Stavros Halkias, Nick Mullen, and Payton Sin Claire

Anthony starts the show talking about doing Joe Matarese’s podcast last night with Artie Lange and Jim Norton, Trump and his elevators, the electoral college, people’s hate of Trump, living in glass houses, and cable box issues. Stavros Halkias and Nick Mullen take a seat to chat with Ant about... More

Episode 426

TACS 426 with Artie Lange and Maryjean

Ant begins the day yapping on political tactics, Bill Clinton on his wifey, Colin Powell’s e-mails, we hear an O&A clip being used by Hillary, and eagerly await Hillary’s reappearance. Ant comments on Ellen’s appearance, a crazy episode of Dr. Phil, reminisces on “sad” episodes of Maury Povich, and Artie... More

Episode 403

TACS 403 with Mike Cannon, Mike Bocchetti, and Mia Vallis

Anthony is joined by Mike Cannon and Mike Bocchetti chatting it up about sobriety, weight loss, Donald Trump, Germany and German porn, crazy ass cats, dead animals, baking cakes (of sorts), Tony Jones getting shut down by Rebecca Judd, and the guys swap “shut down stories.” Mia Vallis joins the... More

Episode 364

TACS 364 with Artie Lange

TACS begins with a little shit talking on Garrett’s drawing of today’s guest Artie Lange, Ant reads an article regarding Larry David and the play Hamilton, we hear Dustin Diamond’s take on jail, Ant reminisces on women’s dressing rooms (?!?!), talks about a crazy bitch in Target bitching about dressing... More

Episode 200

TACS 200 with Mike Bocchetti and Stacey Prussman

A Jim Florentine-less TACS begins learning about @BikiniForever on Twitter, Ant then discusses the Sandra Bland traffic stop video and the proper way to behave when you get pulled over, he addresses picking and choosing your battles, and the callers offer up feedback. After Ant gathers up all of his... More