Archived Shows
Episode 160

The Best of The Anthony Cumia Show 160

Anthony and Dave, with Ari Shaffir, watch a video of a woman talking to kids about gay pride. Mornin' hears about Tara Jakeway's time working for Jerry Springer. Crime Report covers a fight in the subway. In Hot Water talks to Kim Jong-Un. Kevin Brennan hears sex stories from... More

Episode 159

The Best of The Anthony Cumia Show 159

Anthony and Dave talk about Magic Cop. Mornin'!!! hears Bill's dad thoughts on Moe Berg. Crime Report covers a girl that texted too much. In Hot Water talks to the leader of an all female terrorist group. Kevin and Brian help a caller working on his PhD. Taleeb Starkes Olivia... More

Episode 158

The Best of The Anthony Cumia Show 158

Anthony and Dave talks to Bobby Kelly about Opie's new podcast. Mornin' hears about Bronston Jones' job at Sesame World. In Hot Water talks to Jewey CK who was yelled at on the Subway. Monroe tells champagne room stories on Burning Bridges, Taleeb Starkes covers the Roseanne cancellation on Safe... More

Episode 49

"YOUR WELCOME" with Michael Malice 049

On this last episode of “YOUR WELCOME” (Sad!), Michael talks about his new book, unnecessary internet drama, and Geno Bisconte takes a seat to yap about internet trolls, and spelling bees. They also talk about Geno’s big move, Michael’s book pitch, the Bisconte family farm, getting multiple breaks, and Anthony... More

Episode 100

In Hot Water 100

The boys of IHW are back for their 100th episode with a clip of Rosanne on Fallon, Geno rants on school shootings and rally’s, we learn about some pop star named Halsey bitching about shampoo, and the shampoo itself stops by to drop an explanation. An Asian restaurant owner come... More

Episode 157

The Best of The Anthony Cumia Show 157

Artie, Anthony , and Dave Landau catch up with Reginald Denny. Mornin' remembers Barbara Bush. Crime Report covers a creepy stepdad. In Hot Water talks to a man that lit himself on fire for the environment. Michael Malice talks with Kevin Gutzman about American finances with Alexander Hamilton, James Madison,... More

Episode 156

The Best of The Anthony Cumia Show 156

Artie and Anthony talk about William Shatner with Gilbert Gottfried. Mornin' talks about bad tippers. Crime Report covers a monkey thief. Fly Over Phil forgets his gun on In Hot Water. Michael Malice talks about the YouTube shooting. Kevin Brennan burns bridges with Jimmy Carr and Jay Pharoah. Safe Space... More