Archived Shows
Episode 30

In Hot Water 030

Daddy starts today’s IHW with a rant about New Year’s resolutions, culturally appropriated Aaron takes a seat to talk with Geno about his bad week, an allah akbar shooting, a dumb ass MTV video hating on white people, being “offensive” on Twitter, getting gears ground, and culturally appropriated Aaron graces... More

Episode 44

East Side Dave Show 044

Tonight Dave’s monologue covers Instagram celebrities, related celebrities, Trump meeting with Al Gore, Westworld, the ESDS Star Wars being snubbed by the Golden Globes, and hashtags you can use to fight back against the GG. After a quick ditty, Dave gets creepy with Guitarsey, talks about getting busted watching porn,... More

Episode 475

TACS 475 with Joe DeVito

Anthony “Betty Boop” Cumia is back today talking about parking garage and communication issues, Trump’s last speech, Truman’s bowling alley, Pearl Harbor, and shitty ass George W. Bush. Joe DeVito takes a seat and Ant goes on to talk about Westworld, The Walking Dead, video gaming, and Brother Joe livestreaming... More

Episode 16

East Side Dave Show 016 - More Shizer

Today’s show begins with a monologue that includes news on Steph Curry, a presidential cock fight, more money begging, Boaty McBoatface, cheese-grating your tits, Anthony Cumia, and White Jared. After Roy and Dave dedicate a song to Ant, we hear about Roy and his buddy Mike Francesa, find out Dave... More

Episode 358

TACS 358 with Ernie Hudson and Ian Halperin

FINALLY Anthony is back and we hear about his last days of freedom, he breaks down his month “abroad,” the clientele at the facility, “campus life,” meeting participation, his roomies, and the enlightenment he gained from the experience. Ernie Hudson takes seat with Ant to talk about his early career,... More