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Gavin McInnes is the fearless leader of The Proud Boys and on his show he touches on topics. Like, a lot of them. No seriously, we really can’t think of one topic that Gavin hasn’t touched on. He’s a phenomenon. Just ask him.

Episode 299

The Gavin McInnes Show 299

Today on TGMS, Gavin is starting to think rich people are dicks, catches up on the latest from the Perry Project, and looks into the NYC skinhead beatdown. He checks out some Tucker Porn that doesn't pay off, looks through recent Muslims in the news stories, and talks about Trump... More

Episode 291

The Gavin McInnes Show 291

Today on TGMS, Gavin focuses on losing friends because of Trump, and artists not taking chances anymore. Johnny Ryan Skypes in and talks about dangerous cartoonists, his public perception, and Saturday morning cartoons. Jim Goad Skypes in to discuss the PC timeline and when he thinks it started, we celebrate... More

Episode 290

The Gavin McInnes Show 290

Today on TGMS, Gavin regrets jokes he never told, shares some Derrick Beckles stories, and pretends to be retarded. Mike Diana comes in studio then he and Gavin talk to Peter Bagge about his cartoons, and Trump's effect on cartoonists. Mike Diana tells Gavin about getting arrested for his cartoons,... More

Episode 289

The Gavin McInnes Show 289

Today on TMGS, it's the He Will Not Divide Us show, but before that Gavin talks to Peter Kuper about his graphic novels, the NYC blackout, and World War III. Baked Alaska, Pax Dickinson, Sal Cipolla, Martina Markota, Brittany Venti, Michael Lorimer come in studio to talk about their weekend... More