The Artie and Anthony Show

The Artie and Anthony Show

Episode 126

The AA Show 126

The boys start the day talking about the benefit show Artie did last night, Stuttering John, Randa Jarrar, dick pics, and Bob Phillips joins the guys to talk about Richard Gere, The Jerky Boys, and life before social media. They also discuss “gay” kids, the latest with Starbucks, the ADL,... More

Episode 122

The AA Show 122

The boys are back with Chad Zumock talking about Donald Trump, a possible missile launch, pre-bombing moments, “moon cricket,” Schindler's List scenarios, and a Ken Burns documentary on Theodore Roosevelt. They also discuss a shrine for a stabber, the world’s oldest lingerie model, Mark Zuckerberg, Diamond and Silk, an ice-cream... More

Episode 115

The AA Show 115

Wrapping up the week, a freshly soy sauced Anthony sits with Artie to chat about morning show call times, “high pitch Mike” from Howard Stern, radio sales people, Stephon Clark’s televised funeral and his brother’s crazy ass behavior. They also discuss DMX, getting arrested, NFL male cheerleaders, a throwback Dallas... More