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Episode 518

TACS 518 with Harrison Grennbaum, and Jared Freid

Jared Freid and Harrison Greenbaum join Anthony on today’s TACS talking about Nazi’s being everywhere, Donald “Hitler” Trump, “a day without immigrants,” the Shabbos, the Je-sas, learning about God, dating religious people, and Tinder’s facial recognition. They yap more about dating apps, dating and cellphone shenanigans, frat houses, drugs and... More

Episode 516

TACS 516 with Alex Jones, and Matt Iseman

Anthony begins today’s show talking about “stopping” Donald Trump, Alex Jones Skypes in and the guys go on to talk about Trump and the economy, America’s fake outrage, Putin’s Russia, Trump being under attack, and violence from the left. They discuss staying informed, the spoiled youth, the pro-Muslim agenda, Hollywood... More

Episode 515

TACS 515 with Luis J. Gomez, Nate Bargatze, and Paul Virzi

TACS is back and Anthony fills us in on over the weekend movie sales, Luis J. Gomez and Paul Virzi take a seat to talk about the movie “The Comedian” and Robert De Niro, Nate Bargatze joins the guys and they go on to talk more about De Niro, going... More

Episode 514

TACS 514 with Jim Florentine

Jim Florentine joins Anthony on today’s TACS talking about coming into the city in the snowstorm, Jim’s Super Bowl party, internet betting, Chris Christie and Donald Trump, people being experts on Trump nominations, and we hear about a documentary on Lawrence Phillips. They reminisce about getting their hearts broken, attempting... More

Episode 512

TACS 512

Today Anthony updates us on his tooth, talks about a democratic pedo ring, the newest with “cash me outside” girl, Betsy DeVos being confirmed as education secretary, we watch a MSNBC clip planting seeds about Donald Trump, and Ant expresses his embarrassment about the media. He goes on to talk... More

Episode 510

TACS 510 with Ian Bagg, and Bob DiBuono

Rounding out TACS week a freshly coifed Anthony talks about Alex Jones on Joe Rogan’s podcast, the Milo Yiannopoulos protest at Berkeley, celebrity reactions to the protest, and Gavin comes in to discuss his talk at NYU tonight and the Berkeley protests. We learn about a speaker at the woman’s... More

Episode 508

TACS 508 with Vinny Guadagnino

Anthony begins the day with a “cash me outside” gal update and news about the strange Google alert he received earlier, Vinny Guadagnino takes a seat to talk about his new Cooking Channel show “Vinnie and Ma Eat America,” traveling around with his mom, what his Jersey Shore cast mates... More

Episode 507

TACS 507 with Luis J. Gomez, and Diamond and Silk

TACS is back and today Anthony is talking about the weekend protests, Trump’s vetting process for refugees, we hear from a few callers, and Luis J. Gomez takes a seat to chat about Antwan Kumiya, Garrett’s shitty artwork, and DJT “pausing the game” on America. They go on to discuss... More