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Compound Media features the former “Opie and Anthony” frontman Anthony Cumia taking on today’s hot topics, news, and entertainment segments all alongside some of your favorite guests. This is Compound Media’s flagship program.

Episode 500

TACS 500 with Mike Baker, and Joe Walsh

On today’s 500th episode of TACS, Anthony talks about a party at Governor's Comedy last night, Uber trips and rules, he explains the business side of Compound Media, addresses thin skinned comics, and KtC comes in to discuss Mike from Red Bar coming on the network and leaving the network.... More

Episode 499

TACS 499 with Lionel

TACS is back with Ant giving a recap on his weekend, he talks about Will Forte’s band “B-Street Band,” Gene Cernan’s death, Lionel takes a seat and they go on to talk about Neil deGrasse Tyson, Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus closing, and senseless mistreatment of animals. They... More

Episode 498

TACS 498 with Rich Vos

Anthony ends the week with a solo show because Rich Vos decided to go golfing. He talks about celebrities false self worth and checks out a video of them singing I Will Survive. The guys discuss shooting guns, check out some 'sexy' pics of Lena Dunham, and Ant expounds on... More

Episode 495

TACS 495 with Joe Howard, and Chad Zumock

Kicking off TACS week, Anthony fills us in on his weekend, Chad Zumock and Joe Howard take a seat to chat about war movies, last night’s Golden Globes and Meryl Streep’s speech, backlash from voting for Trump, Russian’s with toenail fungus (?!), and we hear what the boys from Cum... More

Episode 493

TACS 493 with Kevin Brennan, and Mike Bocchetti

On today’s TACS Anthony is joined by Mike Bocchetti chatting about Sam Roberts hair, the LIRR train derailment this morning, and Vine shutting down, Kevin Brennan takes a seat to bitch about homeless people, KtC brings up Kevin doing a set at the firehouse, and Kevin further explains. They watch... More

Episode 492

TACS 492 with Dave Smith

Anthony is joined by Dave Smith today discussing Megyn Kelly’s move to NBC, Donald Trump’s “dart shooting,” predictions of when the Trump outrage will die down, the racial divide in the country, being forced to lie because of “outrage,” and liberal Bruce Springsteen. They go on to talk about the... More