The Anthony Cumia Show
Episode 535

TACS 535 with Lahna Turner

Anthony kicks off the week chatting it up with Kevin Brennan about his new show “Burning Bridges,” the shit he talked on the show earlier regarding Amy Schumer, Netflix “star system,” the market being oversaturated with comedy specials, coming up with new material, the Chuck Berry sex tape, and flakey... More

Episode 531

TACS 531

Anthony begins the day with a weather report, talks about panhandling assholes on the train, sassy women of color, The Walking Dead and The Bachelor, crazy drone angles on Planet Earth, and the newest “viral video” from BBC. We see a millionaire gang member, watch Snoop Dogg’s new video and... More

Episode 529

TACS 529 with Dave Temple, Tom Cassidy, and Paul Mecurio

Today’s TACS begins with a rant on (lack of) privacy, Dave Temple, Tom Cassidy, and Kevin Brennan take a seat to chat with Anthony about “International Woman’s Day,” observing holidays, the Holocaust, the movie “Deepwater Horizon,” and non-American’s taking American roles. Kevin bitches about white women in comedy, they discuss... More