East Side Dave

The East Side Dave show airs Tuesdays at 7 p.m. ET.

The only thing to say about East Side Dave’s show is, WTF. On Tuesday nights, from start to finish, Dave McDonald’s show provides entertainment, excitement, music (thanks to his sidekick Roy Harter), begging, and breakdowns. After an hour and a half of watching the East Side Dave Show if you don’t howl with laughter, you’re dead inside.

Episode 22

East Side Dave Show 022

It’s a summer solstice celebration tonight with Dave discussing his anniversary, the NBA Finals, Anton Yelchin, Paris Jackson, a Golden Girl’s themed restaurant, and aidsy Charlie Sheen. Roy and Dave sing an adorable song, Dave talks about his shrink, trying to do other shows, Earl Douglas makes the Shizer List,... More

Episode 21

East Side Dave Show 021

Tonight’s ESDS begins with a monologue of stories about a Macklemore performance gone wrong, the Tony Awards, Trump’s possible slogan change, LinkedIn, and the guys re-wish Big A a happy birthday. Dave explains why Roy is on the Shizer List, we hear Mike Francesa’s hot take on Sting, everyone takes... More

Episode 18

East Side Dave Show 018 - 18th Special Spectacular

On the “18th Special Spectacular” of the ESDS, Dave’s monologue covers Bill Cosby, lots of rape, muzzies, begging for money, Kris Jenner, and Roy Harder the anti-Semite. After a fine medley, Dave talks about Jared coming over his house…again, Dave yells about his road rage, yells about Jared running the... More

Episode 17

East Side Dave Show 017

Today’s ESDS starts with a monologue covering The GLAAD Awards, Caitlyn Jenner, Robert De Niro, raping Jennifer Lawrence, Donald Trump, James Van Der Beek, and Lamar Odom. After a gorgeous medley, Dave attempts Roy’s Alpine bells, wishes his son a happy birthday, begs for dough, gives and takes points, they... More

Episode 16

East Side Dave Show 016 - More Shizer

Today’s show begins with a monologue that includes news on Steph Curry, a presidential cock fight, more money begging, Boaty McBoatface, cheese-grating your tits, Anthony Cumia, and White Jared. After Roy and Dave dedicate a song to Ant, we hear about Roy and his buddy Mike Francesa, find out Dave... More

Episode 11

East Side Dave Show 011

Anthony joins us in studio! Dave and Anthony discuss actors crying, the network, Roy's pierced nipples, Anthony's Career. Anthony tells how once him and Kevin Smith won at a fan game of poker at Smith's comic shop. Anthony commends Dave's sports knowledge prowess. We watch Dave and Anthony sing "Sweet... More