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Episode 43

RENT – East Side Dave Show 043 w Ron Bennington

Tonight’s ESDS monologue includes news on Lady Gaga, Madonna, and SKKKKRRRT…wait a minute. Ron Bennington comes in and stops the show to play a little guessing game with Dave with a mystery guest, CHRIS STANLEY! Dave, Ron, Chris, and Roy go on to talk about way too much stuff to mention and treat us to plenty of songs during this reunion show. Jimmy Mac also Skypes in to chat about Star Wars. In all, you don’t want to miss this ESDS.

Episode 204

RENT TACS 204 with Jim Florentine

TACS starts from the poker table where (long haired) Anthony talks with Jim Florentine about being on Louie, getting submitted for an Emmy, “upper deckers,” being cool back in the day, music now and then, things they’ve done for gals, the early days of MTV, and Jim tells us about the worst decision he’s EVER made. They get into awful movies, being crotchety, winning (or lack thereof) in relationships, “mature” musicians, living the rock life, scandalous sex, strippers, local strip clubs, stripper sex, shitty old jobs, and shitting in weird places. Jim and Ant talk about past construction jobs, work vans, the old days of stand-up comedy, Bob Levy and Rich Vos in the 90’s, club owners, Big Jay Oakerson, drunks in comedy clubs, friends in cars, drinking in cars, and That Metal Show. Jim talks about exposing his son to the metal lifestyle and after a brief “cum chat,” Bobo explains his Fan Duel strategy, the guys then yap about “deflategate” and Tom Brady, Brett Farve’s phone, Reggie Jackson, censorship and apologies, Amy Schumer, shitbag media outlets, Donald Trump, and presidents folding on issues.

Episode 39

RENT TACS 039 – The Blackout Show

Ant starts the show with the pros/cons regarding his new iPhone and recaps Colin Quinn’s appearance as well as his show at Governor's. Unfortunately, there’s a blackout at the house so he joins us via Rat’s phone from his dining room in the dark. Keith gives us an update on Ant’s upcoming trip to L.A., we hear about a new Ebola scare, see little Beavis, and since there is no way to take phone calls (thank god), Ant reads Twitter feedback. We hear about yet another apology in the news, a teen that killed his mom, cops gone wild, and discuss race relations between cops and civilians. Ticket University helps @HummerJon get unblocked and while the power returns, the show continues outside of the studio. Ant reads a list a Nebraska school put out on how to be “gender neutral,” shows us a Russian “Live Leak” video, tells us how Russians feel about gays, Keith chimes in to tell us a “sucking and fucking” cop story, and the show wraps up for the week with a little “throwback Thursday” action via an old commercial.

Episode 209

RENT TACS 209 with Robert Kelly, Bert Kreischer and Rich Vos

***Note: There are three quick skips in the video due to technical issues. Sorry, Rat***

It's a full house on today's TACS - Bobby, Rich and Bert join Anthony for a chat. They talk about everything from gambling to childhood fights.

Episode 64

RENT TACS 064 with Ari Shaffir and Samantha

***Due to tech problems, this episode doesn't look or sound the best. Sorry. -Rat***

The free week kicks off with Ant and Ari Shaffir at the poker table talking about beer, their younger partying days, the impending Ferguson verdict, and the facts surrounding the case. Samantha from Super Action Fight joins the guys to chat about how she got into the industry and “mystery wrestler” E-Bobo sits to talk some shit about what’s going to go down. Samantha and E-Bobo take their places on the wrestling mat, the battle begins and as expected, Samantha wins five out of five matches. E-Bobo’s mask is removed to reveal it is in fact Bobo (Shocker!) and he and Samantha sit down with Ant and Ari to discuss the match, Bobo’s new job, and Ant’s firing. The guys chat with Sam about her love life, find out when she lost her virginity, get into both Sam and Bobo’s school days, and Bobo reminisces about his friend with MS. Ari and Ant then talk about the types of gals they like, their thoughts on people with kids, Bill Cosby, generalizing when it comes to crimes, racism, the police, and haters on-line. The show ends with a bit more about the upcoming poker tournament at Mohegan Sun and with a few more Photoshop entries.

Episode 239

RENT TACS 239 with Ron Bennington and East Side Dave

Ending TACS week with a bang, Ron Bennington and East Side Dave join Anthony to talk about the launch party, Fez Whatley, LL Cool J and his son, crying, James Gunn, Melissa Stetten, and Ant talks about being newly single while Dave and Ron talk about marriage and kids. The guys then discuss landscapers, Chris Christie, Ben Carson, Benson, Danny Pintauro’s HIV, baseball now and then, SiriusXM bans, Bill Cosby, Brian Wilson’s insanity, the TV show Public Morals, racism on old TV, young fans, and time machines. The terrific trio also talk about Jeter’s sexy time, awful music during baseball games, homoerotic 80’s music, the movie “The Walk,” G. Gordon Liddy, haters, radio pranks, past tomfoolery, Earl Douglas and his habits, famous dad’s, Alzheimer's, Al Dukes, and shaved heads. Ant shows the guys a Howard Stern tribute video, they chat about Steve Grillo, the college shooting in Oregon, blame shifting, the Phillies in the 80’s, Lorde and The Royals, Donald Trump, the presidential candidates, Russell Crowe and Joaquin Phoenix, Stalker Patti, kiss cams and carnival scams, Bubba the Love Sponge, radio trends and ratings, and the guys mo-out on each other. Dave brings up what he did “for the show” and weight gain and loss, the guys pick on Patti a bit more, discuss music, Straight Outta Compton, Lily Tomlin, SAG, tattoos, Hurricane Joaquin, The Rolling Stones, Andy Warhol’s love of cock, Studio 54, and the show ends with commentary on a throwback awards show.

Episode 63

RENT TACS 063 with Mike Brown, Brandon Collins and the Starr Sisters

Mike Brown and Brandon Collins sit with Anthony at the poker table and while they wait for the Starr sisters, they discuss strip clubs, Ant’s Jewey neighborhood, Bill Cosby, fuckable midget chicks, Al Sharpton, and how social media can effect your life in different ways. The Starr sisters join the party to chat about their “pussy juice lube,” their upcoming appearance at Headquarters Gentlemen’s Club, sharing guys, and their favorite positions. The sisters then dance for the boys, they all do shots, talk about their sex lives, plastic surgery, and cover the types of guys that they are attracted to.

Episode 234

RENT TACS 234 with Steven Schirripa and Paul Mecurio

Hump day on TACS begins with Pope Francis chat, attire and gun chat, and with one of the greatest videos known to man straight from Boston. Steve Schirripa sits with Anthony to rip on the staff, talk about his sauce, his new project Benders, Dice makes an appearance, and the guys get into The Sopranos along with some behind the scenes stories from Steve. They talk about Sopranos speculation, audience reactions, winning awards, Paulie Walnuts, making mobsters likable, being anti-Italian, Nicky Deuce, and discuss being PC while not being PC at all. Steve talks about his time in Vegas, they share stories about dealing with the industry, James Gandolfini, losing your life to the job, being typecast, growing up with the mob, nicknames, and take part in a little #TBW. Ant explains dick spray to Steve, they discuss reality TV, fathers and daughters, marriage, finding a “plan b,” Ant (re) introduces Steve to Max, they talk impressions, tattoos, being sympathetic, characters from The Sopranos, Colombo, and Wayne Newton’s fucked up face. Paul Mecurio then joins Ant to talk about his racist uncle, Paul McCartney, the “sex for Sam” fiasco, Stephen Colbert, the Emmy’s, and they go through a new trans story, fat shame a bit, and talk about jerking off and catheters.

Episode 82

RENT TACS 082 with Jackie Martling and Stuttering John

On today’s show, Jackie Martling and “Stuttering John” Melendez sit at the poker table with Ant to share stories about working and leaving The Howard Stern Show, how they got their start in radio, John’s gig on The Tonight Show, their salaries changing over the years, their marriages ending, how “being PC” wrecked radio, and Jackie and John announce that they’ll be doing some upcoming comedy shows together. They also chat about the bathrooms at KROQ, Mel Karmazin, Robin Quivers, Artie Lange, Gary Dell'Abate, Morton Downey Jr., Tom Chiusano, Doug Stanhope, and A.J.

Episode 272

RENT TACS 272 – TACSgiving

The big TACSgiving show is here and all of the usual suspects (Bobo and Big A) are in studio to celebrate. Ron Bennington, Jim Norton, Gavin McInnes, East Side Dave, Luis J. Gomez, Dave Smith, Pat Dixon, and Mandy Stadtmiller share laughs-a-plenty with Anthony all while sharing a holiday feast prepared in studio by Chef Pasquale Martinelli from Warm Palate.

Episode 128

RENT TACS 128 – Green is the Key

Dressed in all green (or is he??), Anthony is definitely in the holiday spirit as he reminisces about St. Patty’s Day drinking and puking, talks about protesters at the NYC St. Patrick’s Day parade, plays a news clip from the parade, and bags a bit on Irish tunes. We see a world record attempt in Dubai with an eagle, Ant admits he’s faggy for cat video’s, the “dick dress” makes an appearance, we learn about Gene Gene the Dancing Machine (RIP), watch Terrence Howard talk about the “n word,” hear about Ant’s Nana, and see a clip from The Boondocks. Since it wasn’t done yesterday, Anthony goes through Monday’s mail, reads a “heartwarming” story about a woman who donated her kidney, plays a “racist” video out of Japan, and addresses Rat’s lack of women with some help from Mike Damone. Rat explains WTF a “highlighter party” is, we see a news clip about a private part creeper, an aftermath video of a crazy dude on an airplane, Carlton calls in to comment on the Japan video, Ashley Judd fights back against internet trolls, Ant breaks down his opinion on trolls, and the show ends with a few calls.

Episode 267

RENT TACS 267 with Dave Attell

Tuesday begins hearing about Ant’s morning in Time Square, Charlie Sheen’s HIV status and the timeline of his diagnosis, and Dave Attell takes a seat at the desk to gripe about the studio, discuss holiday plans, traveling, and to talk more shit on the studio. The guys get into old man banter with the web being “where it’s at,” the good old days, age dysmorphia, the Gerald Form museum, pipe smoking, history shows, competitive welding, black and white TV, and Dave professes his love for good looking Indians. They also talk about PC TV, taking the fun out of college, The Warriors, the mermaid parade, NY neighborhoods and neighbors, Jim Breuer and “The Pizza Guy,” city living and dying, cats versus dogs, Atlantic City, allergies and alcohol, and dad personalities. Dave reminisces about being a sickly kid, they chat about climate issues, Vietnam stories, having opinions on world issues, selfies, legit photography, space travel, hotel movies, books made into movies, Cockney, packing heat, The Monkees remake, Cali living, Cali bitches, dating, and YouTube “celebs.” TACS comes to a close with the guys covering old DVD’s, vintage porn, ways to die, changes in picture taking, Radio Shack, man skills, important weapons, more man skills, and saddle wearing animals.