Episode 160

The Best of The Anthony Cumia Show 160

Anthony and Dave, with Ari Shaffir, watch a video of a woman talking to kids about gay pride. Mornin' hears about Tara Jakeway's time working for Jerry Springer. Crime Report covers a fight in the subway. In Hot Water talks to Kim Jong-Un. Kevin Brennan hears sex stories from The Week in Sex podcast hosts. Taleeb Starkes talks to Josh Denny about his controversial tweet. The poetry of the East Side Dave show. 2 Drink Minimum discuss free speech outside America.

Episode 159

The Best of The Anthony Cumia Show 159

Anthony and Dave talk about Magic Cop. Mornin'!!! hears Bill's dad thoughts on Moe Berg. Crime Report covers a girl that texted too much. In Hot Water talks to the leader of an all female terrorist group. Kevin and Brian help a caller working on his PhD. Taleeb Starkes Olivia Rondeau about the Black Conservative Movement. East Side Dave plays the Jingle Game with Bobo. 2 Drink Minimum discuss the homeless in Vancouver.

Episode 31

Trump - 031

Pat Dixon discusses media coverage of Trump election. Roseanne Barr discussion. 'Allah In The Family'

Episode 158

The Best of The Anthony Cumia Show 158

Anthony and Dave talks to Bobby Kelly about Opie's new podcast. Mornin' hears about Bronston Jones' job at Sesame World. In Hot Water talks to Jewey CK who was yelled at on the Subway. Monroe tells champagne room stories on Burning Bridges, Taleeb Starkes covers the Roseanne cancellation on Safe Space.

Episode 30

TRUMP - 030

Episode 3

2 Drink Minimum - 003

Episode 29

TRUMP - 029

Episode 2

2 Drink Minimum - 002

Episode 28

TRUMP - 028

Episode 1

2 Drink Minimum - 001

Episode 27

TRUMP - 027

Episode 26

TRUMP - 026