Rich Vos

Comedian, Host of My Wife Hates Me podcast

The AA Show 002

On today’s AA Show Rich Vos joins Artie and Anthony to chat it up about the impending hurricane in Florida, gross blowjobs (?!), “Hasidic wires,” 911 Forensic Files calls, Artie Lange in death pools, death hoaxes, and hall of fames in high schools. Rich brings up his rough childhood neighborhood,... More

TACS 563 with Rich Vos

TACS is back with Rich Vos along with Anthony talking about Ant’s cruise ship vacation, assholes at comedy clubs, people being overly “offended,” forced apologies, the future of wheelchairs, and Vos talks about how great “FEUD: Bette and Joan” is. Ant talks about the docs “The Seven Five” and “Cocaine... More

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