Kevin Brennan

Comedian, Host of Burning Bridges - Every Monday at 2:00pmET

TACS 535 with Lahna Turner

Anthony kicks off the week chatting it up with Kevin Brennan about his new show “Burning Bridges,” the shit he talked on the show earlier regarding Amy Schumer, Netflix “star system,” the market being oversaturated with comedy specials, coming up with new material, the Chuck Berry sex tape, and flakey... More

In Hot Water 040

Today’s IHW starts with a Geno rant on Colin Kaepernick, Colin comes in to discuss his skin tone, standing up for the anthem, blacks voting, foot-balling, Phil Rivers, dumbing down playbooks, how you get Oscars, and we find out Colin also likes Tobias Keith. Kevin Brennan takes a seat to... More

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