Kevin Brennan

Comedian, Host of Burning Bridges - Every Monday at 2:00pmET

The AA Show 029

Artie and Anthony begin the show talking about Artie’s relationship with Kevin, the movie “Jaws,” Hedy Lamarr, and Kevin Brennan joins the guys to trash Artie’s Twitter followers. Kevin’s bridge burning continues with a bit of riffing on Russ Meneve and Esther Ku, they discuss shit talkers on Twitter, how... More

In Hot Water 066

IHW is back with “gaga” talking about comedians she loves, racist comedians, getting kicked out of the Comedy Cellar, and racist comedian Kevin Brennan calls in to explain himself, talk about racism in comedy, and equal opportunity racism. “Geno” rants on being PC, Kevin Brennan scuffle with an audience member... More