Joe Lozito

Author of The New York Subway Hero: My Battle with Evil...and a Spree-Killer!!

NYC Crime Report with Pat Dixon - 078

On this episode of NYCCR Cale Hartmann, Joe Lozito, and Jose Vega sit panel with Pat to talk about a tranny attack at McDonalds, Detective Dakota comes in with a weather report, the guys discuss hate crimes, and Ikon Skypes in to chat about some crazy crimes in Florida. The... More

NYC Crime Report with Pat Dixon - 048

NYCCR starts with some bombing talk, Mike Bocchetti, Kevin Downey Jr., and Frank DiMatteo sit panel to discuss a pot for teacher scandal, some new Weiner trouble, a bus groping, a Sundance rapist’s, Mia Valles calls in to talk about her vag issues, Mandy’s dad calls in to set Pat... More

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