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Episode 96

East Side Dave Show 096


On tonight’s ESDS, Dave monologues about Danica Patrick’s dating life, a Kevin Spacey lawsuit, the NAACP Image Awards, a pissed off Warwick Davis, Jane Fonda’s cancer, and a possible comeback from Sammy Sosa. After a quick ditty, they talk about celebrating MLK day, Big A gets mean, they chat about “kiss a ginger day,” Bobo’s failed plugs, and Shock Jock Robot chimes in. Dave talks about laying some D on Bobo’s mom, the guys sing Pat Dixon off, Dave talks about his date, we once again find out what offends Bobo, Mike Francesa makes an appearance, we’re treated to another tune, and damn, it’s been a real fine day.

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Pat Dixon

Comedian, journalist, Host of New York City Crime Report live every Monday at 7:00pmET

  • 00:00:00 START
  • 00:03:00 Monologue
  • 00:06:00 "Just"
  • 00:09:00 Celebrating MLK Day
  • 00:11:00 Big A's Statement For Race Relations
  • 00:21:00 Aziz Ansari
  • 00:25:00 Kiss-a-Ginger Day
  • 00:31:00 "Let's Get It On" with Pat Dixon
  • 00:35:00 UnaBobo plugs
  • 00:43:00 Shock Jock Robot
  • 00:45:00 LIVE READ - Deep Discount
  • 00:47:00 "Lookout Joe"
  • 00:53:00 Crazy Puerto Rican Woman Plays the Flute
  • 01:00:00 Senator Pat Dixon
  • 01:05:00 Dave's Date
  • 01:09:00 Is UnaBobo Offended?
  • 01:11:00 Flutesy's photoshoot
  • 01:12:00 LIVE READ - Quicken
  • 01:14:00 From the Vault of Mike Francesa - Phone beeps
  • 01:19:00 "King of Fools"
  • 01:21:00 "Damn It's Been a Real Fine Day"