Archived Shows
Episode 432

TACS 432 with Mike Ward

TACS is back with Anthony talking about the excitement behind tonight’s presidential debate, the protesters (some excellently dressed), the latest rumors surrounding Opie and SiriusXM, and he reminisces on past contract negotiations. Mike Ward takes a seat to go on with Anthony to talk about boarder issues, his lawsuit issues,... More

Episode 425

TACS 425 with Mike Brown and Brandon Collins

Today’s TACS begins with Mike Brown, Brandon Collins, and Anthony checking out a live big rig chase and the Anthony Weiner movie, they discuss marriage shams, Cory Booker’s old and new boo, Hackers, Pacific Rim, and Fargo. The guys also yap about an almost Ryan Lochte attack, Robert Pattinson, Amy... More

Episode 326

TACS 326 with Geno Bisconte and Stacey Prussman

A newly coifed Anthony is back for another week yapping about The Donald’s big dick, Ted Cruz’s lip funk, the UFC fights over the weekend, Cities: Skylines, natural disaster TV, and trolling the trolls. After a call regarding Stern and the O&A days, Ant gets into the Mythbusters dudes, talks... More

Episode 323

TACS 323 with Mike Ward

Super Tuesday TACS is here and Anthony is spouting off his thoughts on the primary election, social media influence, candidate promises, hating on politicians, businessmen vs. politicians, and voting choices. Mike Ward joins Ant to talk about his album “Pedophile Jokes & Death Threats,” his court case, explaining jokes, joke... More

Episode 97

The Gavin McInnes Show 097 with James Blonde and Mike Ward

Today on TGMS, during the final hours of the marathon Gavin is joined in studio by James Blonde, a homeless man that wandered in. They talk about being homeless, rock stars and the lower east side. Mike Ward finishes the show with Gavin as they discuss mafia loans, Canada and... More

Episode 49

The Gavin McInnes Show 049

Today on TGMS - Mike Ward and Ben Kissel join Gavin in-studio. They talk about Paris, crime, comedy and more. Mercedes talks about the AVN awards.