Archived Shows
Episode 94

The AA Show 094

-Segment Times and Links: Artie and Anthony begin talking about the school shooting protests, then Joe DeRosa comes in and they move onto Comics Unleashed and what happened last night at the Patrice benefit. They tell some Dice stories, check out their favorite prank calls, and talk about funerals... More

Episode 46

The AA Show 046

While waiting for Artie, Anthony gives Stuttering John the smashing he deserves, Artie takes a seat and the guys further bash a deserving John, Rory Albanese joins the guys and they chat about the table at the Comedy Cellar, crossing the line with women, and LA comics. They discuss handling... More

Episode 389

TACS 389 with Taleeb Starkes

TACS is back (and better than ever) with Anthony telling us about his vacation and his first batterers class, Taleeb Starkes takes a seat to further discuss Ant’s punishment, DeRay Mckesson “staying woke,” robot Hilary Clinton, sensationalizing shooting deaths, bomb-robot, and gangsters being bad shooters. They get into a news... More