Archived Shows
Episode 137

The AA Show 137

Anthony, Artie, Dave, and Joe DeVito begin the day talking about FCC rules for radio, personal accountability, cell phone addiction, celebrity affairs, Fatty Arbuckle the rapist, Eric Schneiderman, and Caddyshack. They discuss sequels, stock options, Joe Namath and his fur coat, old football, Deacon Jones hot take on equal rights,... More

Episode 41

Safe Space 041

The H.N.I.C. is back in his Safe Space talking about porn, management picking on the “b,” a GoFundMe for a dude that fucked up a relationship, Officer Turner vs. Caine Menacetosociety Turner, “Trump’s America” (not), and reverse racism. Ken Webster Jr. Skypes in to talk with Taleeb about hosting a... More

Episode 23

Safe Space 023

Our jolly huckleberry is back and possibly high af talking about Mary Jane and the effects she has, the history of “420,” our stoney founding father, and we get a PSA on hemp. Taleeb reminisces on The Matrix, Ken Webster Jr. Skypes in to talk about radio, pot not being... More