Archived Shows
Episode 56

Safe Space 056

The black Trevor Noah is in the Safe Space talking about African Americans, changing the Spanish word for black, the country Niger, Old Yeller, and Joy Reid. We get some news from left field regarding immigration, hear some real news from CNN, Taleeb talks about going to “A Night for... More

Episode 138

TACS 138 - RIP Mayor Bill de Blasio

​TACS has a somber start today as we pay our respect to Mayor Bill de Blasio (RIP), Ant then talks about attention seeking protesters, expresses his views on the government voicing their opinion when it comes to tolerance, shows his response to a tweet Cher sent, and the callers give... More

Episode 137

TACS 137 with Taleeb Starkes

Today begins with breaking news about the Germanwings flight and a SD card, we hear more news out of Indiana involving their attempt for a “religious freedom law,” Ant breaks down the meaning of that, and we watch a video of a Muslim KFC worker. Anthony gets into comedian Trevor... More