Archived Shows
Episode 87

Mornin'!!! 087

Bill and Joanne talk about happy lights, vacations, the Mac eating champ, Nap York, Tom Brady on Stephen Colbert, and Holly Palmieri and Josh Carter take a seat to chat more about sleep pods. The gang also discusses actors and Scientology, drunk on-line shopping, drunk behavior, spotting a male sociopath,... More

Episode 512

TACS 512

Today Anthony updates us on his tooth, talks about a democratic pedo ring, the newest with “cash me outside” girl, Betsy DeVos being confirmed as education secretary, we watch a MSNBC clip planting seeds about Donald Trump, and Ant expresses his embarrassment about the media. He goes on to talk... More

Episode 204

TACS 204 with Jim Florentine

TACS starts from the poker table where (long haired) Anthony talks with Jim Florentine about being on Louie, getting submitted for an Emmy, “upper deckers,” being cool back in the day, music now and then, things they’ve done for gals, the early days of MTV, and Jim tells us about... More

Episode 160

TACS 160 - Fusilli Anthony

TACS begins another week with the latest on George Zimmerman, Ant’s weekend shenanigans, we hear about the two officers shot in Mississippi, a Subway employee fired for her comments on social media, and KtC talks about attending Brian Moore’s funeral. We then find out that Morgan Freeman is a stoner,... More