Archived Shows
Episode 428

TACS 428 with Dave Smith, Zac Amico, and Luis J. Gomez

TACS is back with Anthony discussing this weekend’s terrorist attempt, Luis J. Gomez, Dave Smith, and Zac Amico take a seat to talk about his last appearance on Legion of Skanks, the “how not to rape” video they played, real rape, and feeling raped. They then get into female cereal... More

Episode 346

TACS 346 with Colin Quinn and Bobo

It’s TACS we’ve all been waiting for with Colin Quinn and Bobo picking apart a Hillary Clinton/SNL/subway clip, discussing John Rocker’s comments, Jim Norton’s fancy pants apartment, “CP time,” the presidential candidates, neighborhood changes, CQ’s pull, and Jerry Seinfeld. The guys yap about the Mets, Caitlyn Jenner’s big O, name... More

Episode 337

TACS 337 with Mike Lawrence

Ant wraps up the week chatting about David Letterman’s new look, creepy ass Corey Feldman’s new album and video, a Texas “high” speed chase, weed laws, Garry Shandling, TV technology, and Garrett’s old digs. He gets into a Pennsylvania new anchors “racist” comments, a dude arrested for not returning a... More