Archived Shows
Episode 250

TACS 250 with Harrison Greenbaum

Today Ant talks about filth and sickness associated with trains, the trailer from Robin Williams’s final movie “Boulevard” and Keanu Reeves new movie “Knock Knock,” he tells us about some recent visits from the ghost of girlfriends past, rants about crazies and not knowing girls, takes a look at “The... More

Episode 57

TACS 057 with Frank Caliendo

Ant wishes everyone a Happy Veteran’s Day, recaps yesterday’s guests Mike Brown and Gia Nova, and sees who is in the Paltalk chatroom. Frank Caliendo calls in to talk about his upcoming shows, they wax about the old days with AOL, “George Bush” talks about his paintings and the new... More

Episode 7

TACS 007 with Sean Bergin and Mary Jean

Sean Bergin kills it once again as he joins Anthony at the bar to revisit the situation in Ferguson Missouri and the death of Robin Williams. They then discuss Dominic Barbara, how the media handles apologies, and wax a bit on strip clubs. Porn star Mary Jean joins the conversation... More