Archived Shows
Episode 535

TACS 535 with Lahna Turner

Anthony kicks off the week chatting it up with Kevin Brennan about his new show “Burning Bridges,” the shit he talked on the show earlier regarding Amy Schumer, Netflix “star system,” the market being oversaturated with comedy specials, coming up with new material, the Chuck Berry sex tape, and flakey... More

Episode 375

TACS 375 with Stuttering John

The folks from AdLarge Media pack the house today while Anthony chats about marriage, tomorrow’s Facebook live stream, late-night Hallmark Channel watching and the morning show with Matt Iseman, the latest on Richard (Fiona) Simmons, and we see a lovely dancing video of Ralphie May and Bert Kreischer. Stuttering John... More

Episode 52

TACS 052 with Lahna Turner

Ant recaps the Jaws Halloween shindig, we see some party pics, and hear that “Paltalk Jess” may or may not have drank too much and that Rat’s costume was shitty. We go through Smuggs rebuttal video, talk about how being on-line invites bashing, and how technology causes an invasion of... More