Archived Shows
Episode 94

The AA Show 094

-Segment Times and Links: Artie and Anthony begin talking about the school shooting protests, then Joe DeRosa comes in and they move onto Comics Unleashed and what happened last night at the Patrice benefit. They tell some Dice stories, check out their favorite prank calls, and talk about funerals... More

Episode 93

The AA Show 093

-Segment Times and Links: Artie and Anthony start the show talking about Kristen Haglund, watch Trump give out medals, and check out creepy Joe Biden again. Kris Fried comes in studio and they get into the Black Panther barking protest , infomercials, gay athletes, movies, and more.

Episode 92

The AA Show 092

Artie and Anthony are joined today by Joe Currie talking about The Cro-Mags, last night’s Crashing, “alt” comedy, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, Norm Macdonald, gambling, and prison life. They discuss old McDonald's commercials, Fergie singing the nation anthem this weekend, sensitivity training, doxing, Black Panther, vag wigs, and the... More

Episode 198

The Gavin McInnes Show 198

Today on TGMS, Gavin is dressed for his new sport, watching annoying videos. First up is a slut shaming PSA, then Gavin expands on his racismism idea before watching the next video, Trumping Donald. Gavin then tries to make it through Sex Myths Debunked, and Chris Matthews thinking Beethoven is... More

Episode 28

East Side Dave Show 028

Tonight Dave’s monologue includes news on A-Rod, the Olympics, Amy Schumer, Tim Tebow, Donald Trump, and R. Kelly. Roy and Dave sing a crazy fast awesome song and they go on to talk about Dave’s texts with Flutesy, we get to know the audience, Dave explains chocolate milk, bitches about... More