Archived Shows
Episode 118

East Side Dave Show 118

Staff gives Seinfeld impressions while telling jokes. Mexico beats Germany in World Cup. hock Jock Robot. Big A drinking heavily. Jimmy is in a diaper again as he reads his Father's Day poetry. Roy is Dave's new hype man. Bobo quizzed on Met's retired numbers.... More

Episode 142

Mornin'!!! 142

Bill and Joanne star the week with the sad news of the passing of Theo Caviness, then Joanne reads a poem she wrote about shoes. John Fugelsang, Kerryn Feehan, and Constantine Maroulis join the show and get into the Kimmel v. Cruz basketball match. Dr. Drew calls in to discuss... More

Episode 160

The Best of The Anthony Cumia Show 160

Anthony and Dave, with Ari Shaffir, watch a video of a woman talking to kids about gay pride. Mornin' hears about Tara Jakeway's time working for Jerry Springer. Crime Report covers a fight in the subway. In Hot Water talks to Kim Jong-Un. Kevin Brennan hears sex stories from... More

Episode 646

TACS 646

Anthony and Dave start the show talking about Kathy Griffin's advice for Kevin Hart, and share stories about creepy hotels and sleeping in their car. Derek Richards joins the show and they continue the hotel conversation, check out the rape-y show 13 Reasons, make fun of TSA agent uniforms, and... More