Archived Shows
Episode 136

The AA Show 136

On today’s AA Show, the guys talk about Cobra Kai, old sitcom stars, attainable women, stars now and then, and Robert O’Neill takes a seat to talk about Kid Rock, not aging well, Hillary’s robot back, and Iran’s agenda. They also discuss trade deals, President Trump, interrogation tactics, an “elevator... More

Episode 408

TACS 408 with Mitch Fatel and Jim Norton

TACS ends the week with Anthony and Mitch Fatel discussing cheating, burying the body, living in the moment, sex insecurities, swinging, “getting that knee,” co-hosting, and drugs. Jim Norton takes a seat and updates us on his new place, the guys go on to discuss cucks, squirting, threesomes, role playing,... More

Episode 367

TACS 367 with Des Bishop

Anthony kicks off a new day of sobriety ranting about public transportation, cumming all over the latest with Casey Anthony, revisiting “cat shit crazy girl” and her cat Freddie, and we pick apart Scorch on “Justice with Judge Mablean.” Des Bishop joins the show to talk about Ant’s sobriety, clubs... More

Episode 228

TACS 228 with Matt Iseman

Monday’s TACS begins with a made up Anthony talking about seeing the doc “Don’t Stop Believin’,” the anniversary of 9/11, a possible Pulp Fiction cast, and he plays a video of a pit bull attack. We learn Richard Nixon liked Trump, Ant discusses shitty past presidents, the latest cop shooting,... More