Archived Shows
Episode 462

TACS 462 with Owen Benjamin

An overly happy Anthony starts the show with a recap of last night’s election coverage that ended with our new Pres., he yaps about the people who can’t believe it, the media’s polling versus real polls, Trump’s speech, Anthony exposing Weiner’s dick pic and possibly killing Andrew Breitbart, and Rachel... More

Episode 93

TACS 093 with Nick DiPaolo

Wednesday’s show starts with Ant blaming the Legion of Skanks Podcast for waking up with a hacking cough, he talks about the difference in podcasting methods, and shows us a clip of the ladies from “The Talk” laughing about a wife who chopped her husband’s cock off. Anthony then debates... More

Episode 14

TACS 014 with Nick DiPaolo

Nick DiPaolo joins Anthony by the pool for beers and to talk about Ant's firing and how people's words have become more important than their actions. They engage in Sharpton and Obama talk, reminisce about "Tough Crowd," discuss how salaries have changed over the years, we find out where to... More