Archived Shows
Episode 47

Burning Bridges 047

On today’s BB, Kevin is joined by Ian Fidance and PJ Landers yapping it up about late people, balls issues, jerking off, and anal, rape, and AIDS. They also talk about “Mitch Deadberg,” a chick popping a gun, Kevin’s gay drug dealing roommate, shitting in the shower, The Female Brain,... More

Episode 26

East Side Dave Show 026

We begin the ESDS with a monologue which includes commentary on the DNC, Ariana Grande singing and licking, a Justin Timberlake slapping, MJ and his essay, Dave’s dick mole (?!?!), a Taylor Swift poll, and Bey. After a tune, Dave chats with Geno Bisconte, we get a Stringsy update, Geno... More

Episode 343

TACS 343 with Dan Soder and Stavros Halkias

Today’s TACS brings us (dick nose) Dan Soder and Stavros Halkias looking through some of Stavros’s “sexy” pics, they talk about Amy Schumer being plus size, “plus size model” Zac Amico, Ray Rice and other pieces of shit from Baltimore, and NFL violence and PSA’s. The guys chat about robot... More