Archived Shows
Episode 85

Mornin'!!! 085

Ending the Mornin’ week, Bill and Joanne yap about Women’s Day, Austin Eastciders, “Where in the World is Sherrod Small,” and Joe Larson, Geno Bisconte, and Lauren Sivan sit panel to talk about first class flying. They also discuss “quality of life” in Cali, drinking in the workplace, tattoos, panic... More

Episode 182

TACS 182 with Jessica Rhodes, Stuttering John and Dave Smith

TACS begins with a recap of last night’s LOS shenanigans, we see the sexy side of Stinky, Ant talks about the racial divide in America, discusses the Charleston shooting and Dylann Roof, and Chip Chipperson calls in with his extremely important two cents. We then look at some “erotic” pics... More

Episode 150

TACS 150 with Kevin Pollak and Doug Stanhope

Anthony is joined by Kevin Pollak via Skype to chat about his movie “Misery Loves Comedy,” the cameos in the film, stand-up feeling like a drug, embracing the bomb, enjoying your friends bomb, getting a handle on your misery, and the ultimate message of his movie. Ant then talks about... More

Episode 146

TACS 146 with Tom McCaffrey

Today’s TACS starts by discussing the news story regarding a postal worker landing his gyrocopter outside the U.S. Capitol and the backstory of what his agenda was, we watch a new Alex Jones video, and sex it up with a story about a naked Twister playing mama. Ant then talks... More

Episode 55

TACS 055 with Jo Koy

The show kicks off by breaking down “trolling,” getting an update on Artie Lange, talking about people being offended on Twitter, the authenticity of apologies, and we watch a little “drone sex.” Jo Koy calls in to discuss old jobs, the road life of a comic, the importance of self-promotion,... More