Archived Shows
Episode 426

TACS 426 with Artie Lange and Maryjean

Ant begins the day yapping on political tactics, Bill Clinton on his wifey, Colin Powell’s e-mails, we hear an O&A clip being used by Hillary, and eagerly await Hillary’s reappearance. Ant comments on Ellen’s appearance, a crazy episode of Dr. Phil, reminisces on “sad” episodes of Maury Povich, and Artie... More

Episode 11

The Gavin McInnes Show 011

Learn about fashion from Gavin, the secrets of sex during marriage from Steven Crowder, an interview with a dude that identifies as a unicorn, life in jail, life after jail, with a whole lotta tits. Dante Nero joins Gavin for most of the show.

Episode 7

TACS 007 with Sean Bergin and Mary Jean

Sean Bergin kills it once again as he joins Anthony at the bar to revisit the situation in Ferguson Missouri and the death of Robin Williams. They then discuss Dominic Barbara, how the media handles apologies, and wax a bit on strip clubs. Porn star Mary Jean joins the conversation... More