Archived Shows
Episode 45

Burning Bridges 045

Kevin and Brian McCarthy begin today’s Burning Bridges talking about shitting, Bill Schulz joins the guys to yap about boozing, porn, Joe DeRosa, chick’s brains, and Bill and Kevin break down their “beef.” They go on to talk about shitty feet, boozing, Kevin’s jealousy of the “single life,” Roger Ailes’s... More

Episode 521

TACS 521 with Dave Smith

Dave Smith joins Anthony today to talk about last night’s Patrice O’Neal benefit, Rich Vos’s dumb hat, Leslie Jones screaming, KtC’s networking, Pete Davidson’s big brush off, Ant’s Star Wars convo with Joe DeRosa, and mending burned bridges. Dave mentions talking with Richard Spencer earlier, they chat about old O&A... More

Episode 274

The Gavin McInnes Show 274

Today on TGMS, Gavin hates publicists, praises struggling, and wants us all to be better. He discusses the controversy around the suspension of the Minnesota football team, and rips Leslie Jones for speaking out against Milo's new book. We check out some Vin Diesel videos, cover the Russian hacking update... More

Episode 415

TACS 415 with Jared Freid and John Melendez

Anthony starts the show talking about his morning shooting Gavin’s movie “Your Stupid,” John Melendez joins the show to chat about getting his phone hacked, getting served for divorce, and they wax on marriage and divorce bullshit. Mia Vallis calls in to say hi, fills us in on her latest... More

Episode 198

The Gavin McInnes Show 198

Today on TGMS, Gavin is dressed for his new sport, watching annoying videos. First up is a slut shaming PSA, then Gavin expands on his racismism idea before watching the next video, Trumping Donald. Gavin then tries to make it through Sex Myths Debunked, and Chris Matthews thinking Beethoven is... More