Archived Shows
Episode 121

Mornin'!!! 121

Wrapping up the week, Bill and Joanne talk about old sitcoms, Joanne’s “Outbreak” apartment, Bill’s hobbies, stoner cats, messy homes, elephant yoga, and Jill Dobson, Dawn Yanek, and Lauren Sivan sit panel to talk about their old rivalry. They also discuss Jane Fonda closing up shop, Kylie Jenner and her... More

Episode 169

TACS 169 with Adam Richman

TACS starts with live coverage of a car chase, Ant addresses the on-line haters, we watch an Ann Coulter clip, learn about being a “man,” and Adam Richman calls in to talk about his book “Straight Up Tasty,” switching up recipes, throwing out the rules in cooking, his weight loss,... More

Episode 148

TACS 148 - Stinky.

The new weeks begins with Ant mentioning how incredible it was to have Ron Bennington on TACS last week, his time spent lounging by the pool over the weekend, re-watching the movie Animal House, and he runs down the details of trying to get into SiriusXM on Friday to do... More