Archived Shows
Episode 518

TACS 518 with Harrison Grennbaum, and Jared Freid

Jared Freid and Harrison Greenbaum join Anthony on today’s TACS talking about Nazi’s being everywhere, Donald “Hitler” Trump, “a day without immigrants,” the Shabbos, the Je-sas, learning about God, dating religious people, and Tinder’s facial recognition. They yap more about dating apps, dating and cellphone shenanigans, frat houses, drugs and... More

Episode 414

TACS 414 with Theo Von and Harrison Greenbaum

On today’s TACS, Ant begins talking about his newest part in Gavin’s movie, Kevin from Previti Pizza takes a seat to tell a cat story, Keith tells a boat story, and Theo Von and Harrison Greenbaum take a seat and go on to talk about disposing of dead animals, eating... More

Episode 410

TACS 410 with Joe DeVito and Ian Halperin

Anthony begins the day talking about Gavin’s movie, his Oculus Rift, virtual reality gaming, batterers class, musical politicians, and Joe DeVito and Ian Halperin come in to talk about Trump, titty Twitter, and Ian dishes some dirt on Howard Stern. They discuss Josef Mengele, Hitler’s secretary, hot Israeli chicks, nukes... More

Episode 25

East Side Dave Show 025

ESDS is back with a monologue that includes news about Tim Tebow, Kim Kardashian, Dave’s dick hole, Emma Watson, “Black’s Rule,” Taylor Swift Johnny Depp, and Darryl Strawberry. After a song with Roy, the staff gets a harsh warning, we see a video of a fan that got his ESDS... More

Episode 352

TACS 352 with Lilly Hisenaj, Ron Bennington, and Sam Roberts

The big (non) pot smoking show is here with Lilly Hisenaj along with special guests Ron Bennington and Sam Roberts chatting about The Wire, Lilly’s family and radio history, Sam’s many ventures, and medical marijuana. The group goes on to talk about Lilly’s first penetration, Black Earl, friend-zoning, choke-slamming, Garrett... More

Episode 328

TACS 328 with Luis J. Gomez, Zac Amico and Ron Bennington

Today Anthony has Zac Amico and Luis J. Gomez in studio with him chatting about “International Women’s Day,” gal on guy assault, Kim K’s nudie pic, Chloe Moretz’s shade throwing, Sharon Osbourne’s nudie pic, and counting your woman blessings. We learn all about “naked shows,” they discuss gimmick comedy, Louis... More

Episode 326

TACS 326 with Geno Bisconte and Stacey Prussman

A newly coifed Anthony is back for another week yapping about The Donald’s big dick, Ted Cruz’s lip funk, the UFC fights over the weekend, Cities: Skylines, natural disaster TV, and trolling the trolls. After a call regarding Stern and the O&A days, Ant gets into the Mythbusters dudes, talks... More

Episode 318

TACS 318 with Luis J. Gomez and Dave Smith

Anthony is back with Dave Smith and Luis J. Gomez talking guns, Asian delivery guys, the consequences that come from acting rowdy, slutty dressing, and they recap their weekend’s. They discuss Rat versus John, wacky legalities, Hitler’s dick, being dick ready, tricking gals, the handicapped, social justice warriors, macroaggression, disabled... More

Episode 126

TACS 126 - Where's Waldo

Today kicks off with Anthony going through some of the Twitter “debates” he had in the last 24-hours, playing the horrendous McDonald's fight video that is all over the internet today, and talks about a six-hour documentary he saw called “The Greatest Story Never Told.” He then reads a news... More