Archived Shows
Episode 478

TACS 478 with Matt Iseman, and Esther Ku

Ant begins the day with the news of John Glenn’s death, Esther Ku and Matt Iseman take a seat to further discuss John Glenn’s death, the remake of The Magnificent Seven, terrible remake movies, Esther’s Twitter picture and boy body, and we check out some of Esther’s music videos. The... More

Episode 273

TACS 273 with Esther Ku and Ralph Sutton

Anthony is met by Esther Ku today after the long holiday weekend and they chat about vocal volumes, Bobby Lee, venting on social media, mixed messages, reprogramming guys, and they’re joined by a few neighboring Koreans. Esther talks about her parents, her upbringing, religion, her almost arranged marriage, crying as... More


TACS ends the week with some science chat. Neil deGrasse Tyson joins the show. Neil talks with Ant about the mission to Pluto, Mars, space technology, Martian soil, space exploration, senior citizen Superman, Einstein’s gravitational waves theory, the American space program, a meteorite (not) killing a man, space vehicles, and... More