Archived Shows
Episode 71

In Hot Water 071

Geno begins today’s IHW ranting on Columbus Day, Philéo Shacor joins the guys and they talk about Nelly the rapist and hot ass Chris Andersen, Philéo makes his exit (smart move), and the guys go on to talk about football. Nelly joins the show to chat about the rape allegations... More

Episode 62

In Hot Water 062

“Geno” begins his rant today by going off about @Midnight, Chelsea Handler comes by to talk about wanting people to go to jail for being racist, her tweets regarding chinks and Nazi salutes, Nick Cannon, we meet her new sponsor, and they go on to talk about her Netflix show... More

Episode 61

In Hot Water 061

Daddy begins today’s IHW ranting on all things football, Flyover Phil stops by to pick through some of ISIS Faggot’s gifts, he chats about cigar smoking, trimming pubis, doing sex, trans-terms, sucking girl’s dicks, sleeping with his eagle, and lesbos in Montreal. ISIS Faggot fly’s in to talk about Geno’s... More