Archived Shows
Episode 637

TACS 637

Anthony and Dave are joined by Nick DiPaolo talking about Wanda Sykes, comedy contamination, Kathy Griffin’s tweets, You’ve Been Trumped,” Roseanne backlash, and double standards. They discuss “train talkers,” having honest discussions about race, Starbucks “sensitivity training,” Ellen DeGeneres saving the rillas, a statement from Starbucks CEO, and Trump’s rally... More

Episode 486

TACS 486 with Vincent Curatola, and Nick DiPaolo

Segment Times and Links: On the last live episode of 2016, Anthony is joined by Nick DiPaolo and Vincent Curatola discussing Ivanka Trump getting people kicked off a plane, they get all Guinea over meats, talk about TV roles, Twitter Wars, and Alex Jones. They discuss Trump’s campaign, douche... More

Episode 460

TACS 460 with Nick DiPaolo, and Rick Shapiro

Anthony begins today’s TACS talking about being blocked by Chuck Yeager, voting and the candidates, the media coverage, and manufacturer outsourcing. Nick DiPaolo takes a seat to talk about the election, Megyn Kelly, the TV spinning rules, alpha male Trump, past candidates, Wikileaks, Hillary and the ethnic community, and Nick... More

Episode 442

TACS 442 with Nick DiPaolo

Anthony begins the week talking about last night’s “bullying and pussy grabbing” debate, Bill Clinton’s OMG face, Nick Di Paolo joins the discussion regarding last night’s debate, grabbing pussy and “feminism,” and action versus words. They talk about Hillary’s pussy eating, people’s fear of admitting who they’re voting for, the... More

Episode 420

TACS 420 with Nick DiPaolo

Anthony is joined by Nick DiPaolo to chat about Ant’s alcohol class and sober life, the movie The Departed, Larry Willmore’s firing, agenda driven shows, Tough Crowd, and Nick comments on Garrett’s pic. They discuss comedy clubs and headshots, Ellen DeGeneres being “racist,” out of control liberals, bobblehead Hillary, trusting... More

Episode 384

TACS 384 with Ian Halperin and Owen Benjamin

Ant starts the show by talking about his plea deal and big disgusting asses, Owen Benjamin and Ian Halperin take a seat to discuss Garrett’s artwork, comedy reaction by race and gender, comparing the present to history, Loretta Lynch, explaining jokes, and a caller tells us about getting fired for... More