Archived Shows
Episode 473

TACS 473 with Bob Phillips

Today’s TACS begins with Anthony talking about the newest internet challenge, being rebellious with parking, Katy Perry being presented a UNICEF award from Hillary, trick or treating for UNICEF, Nancy Pelosi’s tits, and the left’s outrage over Trump winning. We see a guy who accidently recorded his own death, a... More

Episode 445

TACS 445 with Des Bishop

Ending the week with some more rasp, Anthony talks about the latest on Donald Trump, the agenda pushing media, uneducated reporting on the candidates, Sarah Silverman in “Way of the Gun,” and the ridiculousness of bringing things up years later. Des Bishop joins the show and after the guys are... More

Episode 437

TACS 437 with Mike Recine

TACS is back with Anthony waxing about shooting East Side Dave’s “Star Wars Spectacular,” Opie’s new gig and the “radio war” going on, the latest with Trump and Clinton, and we find out it’s stupid ass Al Sharpton’s birthday. Mike Recine takes a seat and goes on with Ant to... More

Episode 434

TACS 434 with Jared Freid

Anthony begins the day talking about the latest on Opie, Jim Norton, and Sam Roberts, he breaks down working alongside Opie at SiriusXM, past contract negotiations, his current opinions on the situation, and East Side Dave comes in to further discuss the sitch at SiriusXM. Jared Freid takes a seat... More