Archived Shows
Episode 505

TACS 505 with Chris Hansen

On today’s TACS a dolled-up Anthony begins the day discussing the Dow Jones being at a record high, Trump building a wall and fixing Chicago, Shia LaBeouf’s four-year plan, and Chris Hansen “takes a seat” and talks with Ant about opiate drug issues, and Trump’s credibility with the media. They... More

Episode 159

TACS 159 with Chuck Johnson

Another TACS week comes to an end with a recap of yesterday’s show with Chris Hansen, Ant talks about virtual headsets, Larry David, virtual reality integrating into your reality, Disney, and we see a lovely #TBT picture. Anthony recalls Eddie Murphy in the 80’s and plays Eddie’s new music video,... More

Episode 158

TACS 158 with Chris Hansen

After a sting-tastic opening, Chris Hansen sits down with Anthony to explain how the show To Catch a Predator started, the research he did and didn’t do for the show, the consequences behind these pervs actions, the collateral damage it causes, the possible entrapment angle, repeat customers, and society dealing... More